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White hat SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to rank in search engine indexes. Search engines utilize certain algorithms to index pages and websites. Page indexing is important for websites so as to rank when certain keywords are used. Search engines like Google have their own published guidelines for a website to rank […]

A recent study released in early 2018 by BrandMuscle has revealed that only 3% of small and medium businesses in the United States are hiring experts or external agencies to do the marketing for their businesses, with over 60% choosing to do the marketing themselves, or relying on in-house “specialists”. The study also mentioned SEO, […]

Shopping on the web may seem easy to today’s consumer, but it’s the complete opposite for the online businessman. To survive the cut throat competition on the web, an entrepreneur has to walk that extra mile to satisfy his customers and make them feel comfortable. His website has to have that special touch that sets […]

Presenting ideas can be easy on-the-spot. You will just need to draw it out and give your presentation. However, with distance, you will need to have all your information well-organized and presented so that your reader will not be confused. With that comes the introduction to desktop publishing. Desktop publishing is the process where specialized […]

Forum marketing can be very effective in growing your list and getting traffic to your website as long as you choose popular forums where there are lots of posts daily from visitors asking questions and making comments. To search for forums in your niche go to Google and type in forum, followed by your topic […]

Though online business is in trend these days, yet it is not that much easy as we think. As the fierce competition is increasing day by day because of everyone’s effort to draw huge income with quite ease and comfort through World Wide Web, Web Development has become a base for all this. The people […]

Nowadays, there is so much talk about SEO (search engine optimization) that it has become an industry of its own. Still, 90% of webmasters don`t know how to achieve high search engine positions. In this article, you`ll learn what the 90% doesn`t… First of all, I would like to give a huge credit to Brad […]

Links are the vital connectors on the internet as they help us find what we need to on the vast internet, help us read relevant information as well as organise what is relevant and not. This makes them the most integral aspect of an SEO campaign – and if they are not implemented the SEO […]

Article marketing has a lot of search engine optimization benefits, or bonuses, as I like to say. Search engines are always looking for good and fresh content to display to their customers. When you search for something in Google, the first page results are primarily articles, blog posts, or something in written form. Very rarely […]

Last August, Google made changes to its Local Search display like replacing its yellow pages and everything related to making phone calls. Small businesses depend on a strong presence in Google’s Local SEO Rankings. Top 3 is considered the holy grail of Google Local Search Results enabling some businesses to double their business most of […]