Why Fear? Now Change Your Filenames Without Disturbing Search Engines/Visitors And Rank Well

  • August 23, 2022
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By now, you know that to rank well in the Search Engines,

you need to have the keyword in your URL’s directory name

and filename, if not in the domain name as well.

So, if you want to target a keyword, say, ‘Woolen Socks’, the

best way to do it is (a) to have a domain name that contains

the word ‘woolen socks’ in it (like: BuyWoolenSocks.com),

(b) place the information page in the ‘woolen-socks’ directory and

(c) write the filename as ‘woolen-socks.html’. So the URL

should look like:


This definitely gives you much better chance to rank well in

search engines with the keyword ‘Woolen Socks’. There are

other aspects too which help you to rank well, but inserting

the keywords in domain name, directory and file name

definitely give you a boost.

It’s not always possible to have a separate domain name

for each and every product. But, you can easily change the

directory name and filename to match with your keywords.

But you are afraid to change the alrealy popular URLs for three

reasons: (a) you have to manually insert the redirect code in

every page, (b) a standard 404 page may lead visitors nowhere

or disinterest them and (c) annoying search engines with the

constant 404 error page codes so much so that they might

ban the site.

But there is no need to worry. Internet has enough provisions

to meet every technical need. The only thing you have to know

where to look. You can change the filenames without

disturbing anything by simply changing one single file.


A 301 redirect is the most efficient and spider/visitor friendly

strategy around for web sites that are hosted on servers running

Apache (check with your hosting service if you aren’t sure). It’s

not that hard to implement and it should preserve your search

engine rankings for that particular page. If you HAVE to change

file names or move pages around, it’s the safest option.

A 301 code inteprets ‘moved permanently’.


Locate a file named .htaccess in your public_html folder (home

page folder). If it’s not there, just open Notepad (or any text editor:

which saves files in .txt mode) and write the following line for each

filename change:

redirect 301 /OldFolder/OldFilename.html [http://www.you.com/NewFolder/NewFilename.html]

Obviously you need to replace ‘OldFolder’, ‘OldFilename.html’,

‘NewFolder’, ‘NewFilename’ with your own old and new filenames.

For example: if you had a page whose URL is:


and the new page’s URL is:


write the following code in your .htaccess file:

redirect 301 /wp-01.html [http://www.YourDomain.com/Woolen-Socks/Woolen-Socks.html]

If you had a page whose URL is:


and the new page’s URL is:


just write the following code in your .htaccess file:

redirect 301 /wp/wp-01.html [http://www.YourDomain.com/Woolen-Socks/Woolen-Socks.html]

The line is written like this:

‘redirect 301’ + ‘one spacebar space’ + ‘old file directory/filename’ +

‘one spacebar space’ + ‘new file URL’ + ‘[Enter]’

You can write as many lines as you wish!

If you already have .htaccess file in your folder, write these lines

AFTER all other codes already existed there.

Save the file. Check that the filename has not become:

.htaccess.txt. If it’s so, rename the file to .htaccess and upload

it to your public_html directory.

Now, open your browser (Aren’t you using FireFox? Oh boy,

you’re missing a lot!!) and browse to your old filename. You

got redirected to the new page location!!


Search engines read your old filenames as 301 code and not

a 404. Eventually they should drop the old filenames and

index new ones.

Your visitors seamlessly visit your new page following the

old filename.

You save lots of time if you have really huge files to change.

Great. Isn’t it?

Source by Subhendu Sen

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